Monday, December 17, 2012

Little Jimmy the elfs visit

Well Little Jimmy the elf has been having some fun around here. It is always interesting to see want he is up to in the morning.
The whole Christmas tree seemed to be wrapped in tp. Luckily he did not use the whole roll.
A few chocolate kisses sprinkled around a kissing booth. Everyone loved the chocolate!

A camp fire in the living room what is that about. Jimmy seems to have burnt his marshmallow.
The kids have enjoyed this experience so much. It has been fun! I wonder what else he will get  into with only a week left.
Enjoy, Chris

Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Elf named Jimmy

Well I figured as we are gearing up to start the Christmas decorating around here. It was time for a blog make over. So now the blog it decorated too. Finally after a couple of years I can do a make over in less then a day!! Haha!
Look who showed up at our house yesterday... an elf.
His name is Jimmy. I can see already there is going to be some fun things happening around here.
This morning he was in my fruit bowl reading a Christmas story!
Can't wait to see what else Jimmy will get into!
Enjoy- Chris